Marble Countertops
for Buffalo, Orchard Park, Amherst, West Seneca, NY & the Surrounding Areas

Marble is a very popular choice when it comes to countertops because of its very elegant appearance. It can add class to every room it is installed in. Marble sometimes gets a bad rap because people think it is high maintenance, but a properly maintained marble countertop is a truly beautiful sight.

Marble countertops are unique and have character that will have your guests raving. Make sure that the countertops are properly sealed so you can keep your countertops pristine for years to come. To learn more about the selection of marble countertops at Sortie Marble & Granite Inc., please feel free to contact or visit us today! Our team is proud to serve home and business owners throughout the Buffalo, Orchard Park, Amherst, and West Seneca, NY area.

Why Choose Marble?

They are classic & beautiful. The brightness of the colors is something that is very unique to the material of marble. White marble can add timeless beauty to your property.

Cool temperature. Marble is naturally cool, which makes it perfect for cooking and baking in the kitchen. The countertops won’t conduct heat very well.

They aren’t as expensive as you think. The most common type of marble, known as Carrara, is one of the least expensive natural countertop options available.

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