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Corian countertops

Corian was first developed in DuPont back in 1967 and is a solid surface countertop material. However, DuPont’s patent expired and now other brands are creating Corian. This man-made product is made of 33% binding resins and 66% minerals. People love this material because it doesn’t require any sealing. This means not only will you not have to pay for sealing services every year, but you will also not have to worry about cracking and scratching.

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Why Choose Corian?

The options are endless. Corian simply offers the most options when it comes to styles and colors. No matter how unique you want your Corian countertops to be, there’s an option just for you.

It is durable. It is not easy to scratch or crack Corian because it is such a tough material. And if there is a minor scratch, then you can buff it out.

Easy installation. Installing Corian is easy because it is a seamless material.


How to Take Care of Corian Countertops


Designed to be durable and functional in all aspects of a kitchen or bathroom, Corian countertops offer many style and color options as a solid surface countertop material. While this material doesn’t require any sealing due to its binding resins and minerals, Corian still needs some TLC in case of scratches, cracks and spills.

Below, we’ve listed a few common ways you can easily clean, maintain, and protect your investment for years to come.

1.) Routine Cleaning: Throughout everyday use, your countertop will experience the occasional dirt, stain, food, and water on its surface. To prevent the formation of hard water marks and streaks, while leaving the top clean it’s recommended to perform routine cleaning. One of the best ways to clean Corian is by using ammonia-based spray cleaners [Do not use window or glass cleaners]. After the cleaning solution has been sprayed, you can wipe the rest down with a wet sponge, and dry completely with a soft cloth.

In addition to routine cleaning, you may also disinfect your Corian countertops once or twice a week to stop the spread of bacteria. To avoid the use of direct chemicals on the countertop surface – it’s recommended to make a diluted combination of bleach and water [Around 5mL of Bleach to every 1 L of Water].

To finish off the cleaning process, you may also use a standard countertop polish to further buff and enhance the surface of your Corian countertops.

2.) Additional Protection: While Corian is resistant against stains and large scratches, the surface is however heat-sensitive for temperatures up to 212°F. To help prevent direct heat – it’s recommended to use heat-safe buffers, such as trivets, oven mitts, and thicker towels when placing hot pans, pots, or toasters directly on your countertop.

3.) Specialized Scratch and Stain Removal: When traditional ammonia-based cleaners won’t remove the stain, water marks, or scratches on your Corian countertop, there are a few DIY solutions that may help you.

Hard Water Stains – Lemon Juice or a 50/50 mixture of Water and Distilled White Vinegar. Rub on the surface, leave it alone for 10+ minutes, rinse clean, and dry completely.

Remove Fine/Smaller Scratches – Using a Mild Abrasive Cleaner. Wipe the targeted area while using a wet sponge, rinse with warmer water, and dry with a soft cloth. Instead of using chemicals or abrasive cleaners, you may also use an abrasive pad kit [with low and high grit options] to buff out any scratches that may have occurred.

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